Women Weight Loss Coaches You Should Follow

With the advent of YouTube e.t.c., there are certain YouTube stars like AlvinChua91, Blogilates, Psyche Truth, Joanna Soh e.t.c. who have amassed huge follows and millions of views on their YouTube video as a result of their weight loss coaching videos put out for free on places such as YouTube.

Today, there are increasingly more YouTube weight loss coach celebrity wannabes, but none of them are as good as the following:

1) AlvinChua91 – Known for his direct and cookie cutter strategies, he goes straight to the point and gives you techniques which works with nearly any diet and you do not need any gym equipment to lose weight with his programs on YouTube as well as his website.

2) Blogilates – Another highly popular YouTube channel, Cassey Ho (founder) shares with you general weight loss and health tips.

3) Psyche Truth – Focusing on exercises

4) Joanna Soh – Joanna teaches both exercises and dieting, but focuses more on dieting, as compared to Psyche Truth.