Best Exercise For Losing Stomach Fat?

Did you know that if you’re trying to lose your stomach fat, the best exercise you should do is NOT an ab exercise? It is actually interval cardio! That’s right. There’s however a difference between interval cardio and cardio. In our case, we’re talking about interval sprinting – you can check out more about losing belly fat in this video

Otherwise, please read on.

Losing fat and building muscles are 2 different things. First of all, let us take it that you have the goal of wanting a slim and toned stomach. That hourglass shape!

To look slim and have a skinny stomach, your first goal should be to lose belly fat first, before trying to tone up the muscles underneath, otherwise all the work and ab exercises you perform will not be seen. Therefore, you should first perform interval sprinting. Interval sprinting is basically a circuit exercise where you will sprint for approximately 10 metres to and fro, rest for a short moment and then repeat. This is a great form of exercise to lose belly fat.

The 2nd part is about toning the muscles underneath your belly – namely your abdominal muscles. You should always only perform lower ab exercises. This is because lower ab exercises will activate your upper AND lower abs, but upper ab exercises will ONLY activate your upper abs. Therefore, to save time and be more efficient, only perform lower ab exercises such as alternating leg raises.