Hardest Step For Women Weight Loss – It’s Not What You Think

Losing weight is hard as it is if you do not know the basics and fundamentals of weight loss. This is made even more difficult for women, because most women have a slower metabolism than men, and have a higher tendency to accumulate fat as well.

However, the hardest step before you can ever wish to succeed in weight loss as a woman, is not what you think it is!!! Most women think that it is the dieting. However, you will soon realize it is not. The remaining women then guess it is about exercising daily or running. That’s nonsense. No woman should exercise daily or she will overtrain. Additionally, cardiovascular exercises are UNNECESSARY to lose weight. It’s a lie spread by the media and unqualified coaches.

Anyway, did you know that the hardest step to lose weight is actually not giving up? 100% of women who gave up, failed. If you need some weight loss motivation, check out Women Weight Loss Coach Alvin Chua. He posts really inspirational content on Instagram to inspire women to never give up, and gives his women followers tips on losing weight on Insta as well.

Here are some interesting tips (http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/stay-motivated-to-get-fit/slide/7) to help you stay motivated during your course to fat loss success!